Chris Munn Photography | About

Hi. I'm Chris Munn, welcome to my gallery of Australian landscape photography.

I'm a bushwalker and photographer who is fortunate to call the picturesque country town of Yackandandah home. You may have seen the recent 'Backroads' documentary on the ABC covering Yack. We rest on the edge of Kelly Country in North East Victoria, near Wodonga just 30kms from the New South Wales border.

Unlike many photographers I didn't take up the craft at an early age, I came to photography later in life. My early years however, had creative elements as I learnt to sketch and play the flute. Growing up, my attention turned to technology and I learned computer programming in high school before finally entering the Information Technology profession. Life however, has a way of taking unexpected twists and turns.

Between 2001 and 2002 my health took a turn for the worse. Years of long hours, stress and poor living conditions in Sydney had taken their toll. Gradually I withdrew from the world and rarely ventured out. Then in 2002, my brother had the brilliant idea of giving me a Canon SLR for Christmas. The world suddenly changed. This simple gift, which my parents and brother contributed to, proved to be the catalyst which would reshape my life and draw me outdoors.

14 years have passed, I love the outdoors more than ever and I will always owe my brother a debt of gratitude. The landscape and photography have taught me to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the natural world, my family and life as well as having compassion for others.

As a photographer, I want to share the beauty I experience as I explore the breathtaking landscapes of Australia. I hope my photographs reconnect people with nature, its mystery and remind us that like a beautiful wilderness trail, life can be a journey full of majesty and wonder. The slower we travel, the more time we have to contemplate our path and to appreciate the exquisite detail of the grand sweeping landscape we, as travellers are blessed to inhabit.

As you browse my gallery, I hope to take you on an adventure in which you can almost sense the chill of a cold alpine wind, the sweet scent of wet rainforest and the thunder of breaking waves.

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